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So, I had the realization last night that I have a major mobility challenge to overcome. I can learn a route from 1 building to another, and I do perfectly when I'm walking it with someone, but when I have to do it by my self I completely freeze and forget what I'm suppose to do. I've had this problem for years, but have never put 2 and 2 together. The realization of this really hit me hard yesterday. Until I figure this out, no dog for me, end of discusion, I can't even think of a dog, until I get this figured out. Grrr!
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so the weekend was spent doing exactly what I said i would be doing. I watched football after waking up on saturday. yesterday was church, which was good. We had a labor day picnic last night, which was fun. We had a bit of drama this morning. At around 11 a.m. the fire alarm started going off, I ignored it because I thought it was a test, since they've tested it so many times since I've lived here. But I was like, who'd be testing the alarms on labor day. So someone knocked on my door, and said we had to get out, their was a fire on the third floor. I picked up the cat, who was afraid of the alarm, and headed out. We stayed outside for about 10 minutes before we got the all clear. The cat did such a good job wile we were out their, she got 2 treats when we came back in. Luckly, all is well that ends well
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So class today was interesting. Writing went well enough, except for these people who wouldn't shut up, and it really was annoying ecause I was right beside them. Reading really ticked me off. Let me just say right off the bat that reading class is completely pointless, but due to my act scores, I have to take it. So we had to do a schedule of what time we would do everything, and a to do list of what all we would do. so yeah I cheated, so call the freeking cops. I could really care less. Instead of listing every single freeking day, I wote sunday, attend church from this time to this time. then during the week, I did mon, wed, and fri, and listed what times I went to class, and left the rest open for studyiing, yeah right, and household stuff. I left tuesday and thursday open for completing homework. so, tell me, what the hell is wrong with that. I did the assignment, even if I did it different. but nuo! she's making me re do it, which rwally pisses me off, plus, she sent me a file thing using ex ell, which I have no idea how to use, so damn! So I'm a bit upset with her at the moment. This weekend is devoted to reading, sleeping and football! yeah! I'm outa here!
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so due to the fact that I'm ungodly tired, I'll make this somewhat short. School went well enough, Nothing major happened. After class I had mobility for an hour, I think I might have learned the final route to and from my class, which will be really good. So then I came home and ate, then headed out to church. I went to my favorite class, serious singers, which I love. Mom is comming tomorrow, which should be interesting, I just hope it goes well. I think i'm going to try and go read, but I have a nasty head ake, so I don't know how well that will go
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So this morning was nice, because I was able to sleep until 8, since access rie didn't pick me up until 9:45.Well that was when my 30 minute window started, anyway. So I did various things until time for me to head out and wait for my ride. They actualy didn't get to me until right around the end of my window, so that was ok to. So off we went, we had to let someone else off somewhere then it was my turn. I told them what building I needed and they let me out their. I went in and was praying that I could find the classroom without much help, well I got my wish. Everyone ignored me. But I found the class without any problems, yeah! When I got to the door, I heard this really nice lady talking, and I was like,o, please be my teacher! It turns out she is in fact, my teacher. So I sat through the writing class, which was quite nice, she makes it interesting. But after that class came the problem, I didn't know how to get to the other building I needed to be in, so I wondered around, and a security person asked me if I needed help, and I told him I needed to get to the W building, He looked at me like I was speaking spanish or something, so he wasn't that much help. He got me to the building but then didn't know where to go after that, so I got help from this lady who got me to the right classroom. When the lady walked me in, the teacher looked at the woman and asked, will she need her handouts inlarged? The woman was like I don't know, I just helped her find the class. So then the teaher aske me the same thing, and I said, no, I need them emailed to me. She got kinda snippy with me and was like well I need your paperwork, you need to provide me with paperwork so I'll know what to do for you. At the start of every semester, I'm suppose to take the teachers a paper stating how I need my materials and other things like that. So, I don't think this woman is my favorite teacher. Leaving the building was the same ordeal, excpe I found help pretty quickly, and this guy took me to my class, and I wasn't late this time. My algebra class was ok. The teacher is a relaxed kind of guy, which is good for me. Not sure that I like his teaching style, he uses an overhead projector, I think, and doesn't alwayse say what he's writing on it. No homework as of yet, but I do have all my books and they work, I just need to figure out how to get from building to building fairly quickly. The teacher in W is strict about being on time, which all I can think is, o, my. That pretty much sumarizes things, am leaving out a few things, but nothing major.
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I just feel like putting my thoughts down in writing. so here we go. as you know we're looking for a ministor at our church, this has been going on since january. since the end of last year, it's been change after change at the church, when I first started attending, we had 2 worship services, in december of 08, we combined to 1, which was fine except for the fact that the time was moved. Class was to be held after worship, this went on for 6 weeks, and at the end of that 6 weeks, we still had 1 service, but classes were held before worship like I was use to it. So today, they announced that class would again be held after worship, which I really wouldn't mind, except now worship starts at 8:30 a.m instead of an hour later. I use to walk from class to worship with a friend and sit with said friend, but now with the new schedule, it'll be next to impossible to find her in all the people. I'm just really ready for some stability, and enough changes. I'll adjust, as everyone will, but it's just different. The final preparations before class time tomorrow have begun. I've scheduled my ride, now all that's left is braille an index card with the classroom numbers and times on it. I only use this card for the first day or so, but it's good to have because I know I'll need help getting to a certain class . I go from 11:15 until 2:30 mon, wed, and fri. It'll be interesting to see how the semester plays out. We got a new sunday school teacher this morning, which was really cool. we will start an actual study in 2 weeks, since they will be out of town next week. I think we're going to study about christianity in the work place, which I'm really excited about. I actually get to go to church tonight, which will be really nice, I have not been to church on sunday nights in weeks. The weather today is really nice, I have the window open. well, that's all for now
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So, where to start, I guess I'll start with this week, which was busy enough, and then write more if I think of it. On monday, I had to go to campus to get books ordered and for some mobility. I got on campus almost an hour before I was suppose to, which was nice. So at the appointed time, give or take, my mobility instructor showed up. We learned a route to my class while taking my computer to DSS so she could order the books. About 45 minutes later we went back to DSS to see what progress had been made, and it turns out nothing had been acomplished. so I told her to just email me the books and I could order them from RFBD using her log in. so she did, and I was on my way. On access ride I struck up a conversation with an old friend, it was good to see them again. Wayne had arrived at my house while I was at school. So after hanging around the house for a bit, we headed out to the wilson county fare, which while fun, was very expensive! We didn't ride that many rides, we only rode 2, and of course we had to get that fare food! I got a burger and fries and a drink, and then we split a funnel cake, mmmm! So not long after that we were ready to leave, only problem is wayne couldn't remember where we parked. So as we were walking around trying to find the right way to our car, this guy pulled up in a golf cart, so wayne tried to tell him where we had parked. well anyway, we finallly found the car, it only took 45 minutes, and we got to see the fireworks which was nice. Then like true rednicks we went to walmart. I needed some stuff for the house, so we didn't get home until about 11, and then we messed around for another 2 hours, so it was about 1 before we got to bed.

On tuesday we went to the bank so I could put some money in, as we were leaving, we noticed a super cuts, and since I was long overdue, we went in, and I got a cut, which I must say, looks really good!then we came back home and wayne left not long after that. I got a text from a friend sometime on tuesday asking if I wanted to come hang out later that night, and of course I gladly excepted. so I went to hang out, ate spagity, and played cards, which I'm not very good at.
the rest of the week hasn't been to eventfull, except for the fact that I was sick last night and this morning, I was having digestion problems. I was up and down a ton last night, not fun at all!

I just did the final check to make sure all my books, which took forever to download, actually work, and all seems to be in order. I start classes on monday which is somewhat exciting, it'll get me out of the house3 days a week, so at least I'll be doing something.

One more thing to note: I had a major spatt with my x friend, thus the friendship endede on not so great terms. The ending was for the best, because I was tired of prentending to be someone I'm not, and trying to like things I have no interest in. I just wish things hadn't ended so bitterly, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes.

We get a new sunday school teacher at church on sunday, so I'm interested to see how that will work out.

well, I hope to update more in this thing, because I don't like writing this long, so I hope to try to write daily or at least every other day or so.

Until then: have a great day!
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hello everyone! I just downloaded this client called semagic, which means I can post to LJ without having to go the website, so if this works, it will make my day! A real update is comming very soon, I promise!
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  • 11:16 is relaxing #
  • 14:05 trying to figure out where to get microsoft publisher. tired of being out of the loope! #
  • 19:20 just looked online to see if my classes had their sylabus up. no luck,though #
  • 21:10 thinks maybe office adminastration? #
  • 22:25 ug. my digestive system has decided it's time for me to be taught a lesson. ug the torture! #
  • 22:27 @DGokeyFan4ever: yeah, me to! that's what I get for not heating food, allright, I get it! #
  • 22:31 @DGokeyFan4ever: I'm sure it wasn't, I know people who have crates for their dogs #
  • 22:44 @DGokeyFan4ever: why are you going to read them all in 3 months #
  • 22:47 @DGokeyFan4ever: ahhh! good luck! #
  • 23:16 feeling better, not completely, though. But I think I'll survive! #
  • 23:18 @DGokeyFan4ever: lol! #
  • 23:22 @DGokeyFan4ever: I got all my life to live, I got all my love to give, I will survive #
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